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They say that money makes the world go round…true enough; it is quite impossible to survive without money. That being said, it is obviously apparent that money as a scarce resource for any particular individual needs to be well handled with utmost intelligence and high level planning. This is so because a simple mistake in your financial decisions can literally crash your life to shambles not easy to fix.

That is why the JD Consulting Debt Management company came to be.

What we are about…

Having realized how easy it is to make unfavorable credit or monetary decisions by some individuals, we came up with this consultancy firm so as to help those people get their monetary life back on track and avoid delving into an unending whirlpool of lifelong debts.

One of the most common ways people get buried in debts is via the use of credit cards. Credit cards are money cards that allow you to spend a pre-set of money that you don’t in actuality have. This for many comes as a blessing in disguise, but in all reality, it is as well an equally dangerous thing if you are not careful about how you handle yourself with it. Many people having acquired a credit card don’t remember that there is an interest on the money to be paid and just go on about spending the money in a rather irresponsible and unwise manner.

Here at our firm, we teach and educate as well as advise on all the ins and outs concerned with credit card banking, as well as how to properly handle them. There has come about a somewhat of a relief to this option called the APR 0% credit cards. These options of credit cards have generally better offers for repayment as well as interest rates.

Like mentioned, many consumers of credit cards don’t properly handle their acquired finances and as such may end up in huge financial difficulties later on. We help them choose the best credit card offers available on the market, depending on their spending habits and general needs. This goes a long way to ensure no unnecessary debts are incurred in the long run.

We also help our clients get credit checks to see what thier credit score is and who has registered what on their file so that no incorrect records on the credit file may affect them applying for credit in the future. In this case, we take a look at the accuracy of the registered records such as:

  • Linked persons there is no no affiliation with
  • Addresses that have never been lived at
  • Companies that have been attributed to

Are the monthly credit payments too high? Are you repaying these by withdrawing off your credit card? With our debt counselling advice, you can consolidate debts. You can pull them all into one using options such as:

  • remortgage
  • equity release
  • lifetime mortgage

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We have helped many get their debt problems under control. Read what some of them have said about us!

I was a complete shopaholic and was nearly on the verge of going bankrupt till I got in touch with the JD Consulting Debt Management. We had a long sit down and explore a list of options and finally settled on the best one for me. My finances are now back on track and it’s all because of the JD Company!

By Laura Simms

Liking new things was kind of my hobby and I used to apply for a new credit card time after time not realizing the financial danger I was putting myself in. Thanks to the team at JD Consulting Debt Management, I have learnt to keep my spending habits wise and collected!

By Harry Dickens

My financial life would be dead had it not been for the JD Consulting Debt Management Company…They are the best! I also really appreicated the fact that they did regular credit checks for me to make sure that the information on file was accurate.

By Jerry Bale